This video is essential listening to all Christian disciples who are concerned about the loss of freedoms and the revolutionary changes that the corrupt religion of man, humanism, weather in it´s rational metaphysical naturalism manifestation or in it´s radical neo-pagan mystical pantheistic manifestation. Schaeffer says: “We (christians)  face tyranny today! We face a world view which would never have given us our freedoms that is forced upon us by the courts and the government who are holding this other world view whether we want it or not.” Both of these expressions are basically part of  the biblical arquetype of the religion of Dagon. All humanist religious expressions are  in essence ONEISMS. All false religions are ONEISMS. In the west they either build on Emmanuel Kant´s rationalist lower story, the phenomenal world, from a materialist world view or they build on Kant´s irrationalist upper story from a manifestly neo-pagan and mystical approach. Van Til always said that humanists cycle from rationalists extremes to irrationalist extremes with the changing winds of the times. Schaeffer in his time, was focusing on the rationalist lower story of Kant´s absolute ethical dualism as expressed through the state, through statist arbitrary law,  statist education and the efforts of humanists to destroy the classical christian family.  

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