Walter Williams has a clear, direct and also humorous approach to clarifying the legitimate functions of civil government.Modern civil government is way beyond it´s legitimate jurisdiction and purpose under God. We need men and women like Walter Williams in Latin America to begin the long hard battle to restore Biblical Civil Government under God. All nations are, whether they like it or not, nations under God. But most are in open rebellion and many are even warring  against the Kingdom of God and His rightful dominion over Ta Panta (greek for all things). It would be much better for the nation states of the world and their peoples to put their necks under the easy yoke and light covenantal burden of the Lord Jesus the King lest they come under the heavy and iron yoke of fascism, communism, Islam and totalitarian humanism. The resurrected Lord and Creator of all things said in the introduction to His Great Commission Mandate: Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.(Matthew 28:18)

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